Libro Ahora Que Eres Salvo: Un Estudio Dinámico De Tu Nueva Posición Espiritual PDF

30 de marzo de 2010
The new believer should be discipleship being vulnerable to malicious doctrinal errors. In "Now that you're save," twelve focus Appearance for a blessed life. We analyze the transition that has occurred and what has become a child of God. We understand that we are born again of God's love fruit, which has a glorious future, which is a new creature and have the Holy Spirit inside, and is allowed for a direct relationship with God who wants to speak through the Bible, where objectively outlined the rules to govern our lives. We try to begin to learn about God through Jesus Christ and to realize that you should talk to God in prayer, reading the Bible, obey, be baptized, to win souls, being a faithful steward and faithfully attend the church, engaging in the work and forging an integrated life to God for their success and blessing.


Publicado: 30 de marzo de 2010
ISBN: 9781450048064
Idioma: Español
Nº de páginas: 140

Pastor Sunmer Cuesta