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26 de febrero de 2015
Age: 8-9 years old Reading Level: 3rd grade

The best illustrated fairytales for children!

Once upon a time was a beautiful and kind girl. After her mother died, her father remarried with a mean woman who had two daughters of her own: Drizella and Anastasia. All three of them treated the young girl as their servant et named her Cinderella.

The collection "Once Upon a Time" offers a new and richly illustrated version of the most famous fairytales.


Once upon a time was a beautiful and kind girl called Cinderella who lived with her wicked stepmother and two ugly stepsisters.
All three of them treated Cinderella very badly and made her do all the hard housework. Cinderella had to clean the floors, wash the dishes, and do the laundry. At the end of the day, exhausted, she would sit by the fireplace, near the cinders. That is why she was called Cinderella.

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