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1 de octubre de 2013
The content of this book has developed over ten years. Kevin Higgins and his Fusion team have worked with hundreds of companies and thousands of sales leaders building the philosophy of a Great Sales Culture = an Engaged Sales Team. But many firms have a common problem of retaining staff even before working on improving the sales culture. Sales people seek “greener pastures” when not enjoying proper coaching, developed or motivated to be their best.

Engage Me: Sales Strategies from the Sales Effectiveness Source will help ensure the team not only stays but thrives.

The practical approach in Engage Me is based on attitude, skills and sales management disciplines – the three parts of this book.

• Attitude: the first building block to creating an engaged and winning sales culture. It is “the way we do things around here”.

Part I will demonstrate that a strong sales culture is a mesh of elements and attitudes.

• Skills: The fundamentals of great sakes management are coaching and feedback. These basics, when done correctly and frequently, will elicit engagement.

Part II will examine how you are using the skills to deliver strong results and engaged sales team.

• Sales Management Disciplines: add value to your sales people and create productivity in your organization. If you have a process, the discipline is in consistently exercising it. Part III will ensure you have a structure for each sales management discipline that helps engage your team.

The Fusion Learning Sales Culture Survey identifies the hot-button issues at the beginning of each chapter, followed by a real-life story from author, Kevin Higgins’ considerable experience in the sales industry.

In addition, within each chapter you’ll find:

• Lists of samples, tips and examples to help you implement concepts,

• Tools and Forms to put theory into action, and

• Real-life stories to motivate and inspire you and your team.

In a nutshell, Engage Me helps sales leaders and salespeople perform better.

Fusion Learning has been recognized as one of the best sales training organizations. Recently named one of North America’s Top 20 Sales Training Companies by Selling Power magazine for the third consecutive year, they were also named in Profit magazine as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies.


Publicado: 1 de octubre de 2013
ISBN: 9780992077112

Kevin Higgins