Libro Getting the Girl PDF

4 de abril de 2013
Rube never loved any of them. He never cared about any of them. He just wanted each one because she was next, and why not take the next thing if it was better than the last? Needless to say, Rube and I aren't too much alike when it comes to women.

Cameron and Ruben have always been loyal brothers, but that loyalty is about to be tested to the limit when Cam falls for Octavia - Rube's latest girlfriend. Will he get the girl? Will his love for her tear their brotherly bond apart? And would Octavia ever go for a guy like him anyway?


Publicado: 4 de abril de 2013
ISBN: 9781448157662
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de páginas: 240

Markus Zusak