Libro Human Viruses in Water: Perspectives in Medical Virology PDF

7 de noviembre de 2007
This book provides overviews and updates on basic research, diagnosis, epidemiology, and public health on enteric viruses, as well as on treatment and intervention to prevent their waterborne transmission. Data are presented and interpreted by leading researchers in the field in 13 chapters. An essential resource for virologists, epidemiologists, medical and public health professionals, graduate students and postdoctoral scientists at various levels of their careers.

Key Topics Include:
* Ecology of enteric viruses
* Intervention measures from risk assessment to virus disinfection practices
* Cutting edge technology on procedures for virus detection and monitoring in water and the water environment
* Quality assurance and quality control measures in water virology
* Legal regulations regarding viruses in the environment


Publicado: 7 de noviembre de 2007
ISBN: 9780080553276
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Albert Bosch