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20 de abril de 2017
From the author of The Circle, an Amazon psychological thriller, comes Imperfect Crimes.

(Full Book) Uncle Jack, Botanist, The Bullet y Book Club

In the first installment of Imperfect Crimes, Grace Sanders is a young lawyer fighting for civil rights in Austin, Texas. In her first case for a legal association that reviews life-sentence and death-row convictions, she is out to prove the innocence of her client in what looked like a cut-and-dried rape and murder. Fifteen years ago, a man entered a house in a quiet neighborhood, murdered the grandmother, and then raped the granddaughter and left her for dead. The girl, eight-year-old Ivy, survived the attack and identified her Uncle Jack as the assailant. Jack’s wife, Elda, the daughter of the murdered woman and Ivy’s aunt, swears her husband is innocent and doesn’t deserve to die. Grace has one week to attempt a stay of the execution.

Imperfect Crimes is a series of four true-crime novellas. Identifying information has been modified to protect the privacy of those involved.


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