Libro Melodies of Blood I PDF

31 de mayo de 2017
Book I/II
Illustrated Novel
A love is born when a rebellion rises and war is near. After, participating in a cryogenic experiment conducted by the Alliance of Nation's Meryl accidently awakens from her long sleep. After she is able to understand her situation Meryl observes the gloomy room in which she finds herself and learns that more time than a week has passed.
On her first day out of cryogenic sleep she is captured. The world that she knew is now covered by a thick black cloak that doesn’t allow the sun to penetrate it and the she learns the horrifying truth. The vampires that control the earth have enslaved humans and created a New Era.
Meryl is purchased by Caleb the leader of Alpha Zone and she will have to accept her new situation, but the problems have just begun.


Publicado: 31 de mayo de 2017

Maialen Alonso

Maialen Alonso is a native of Bilbao “Basque Country”, Spain. She was born on September 10, 1986.
After finishing her studies, she dedicated herself to writing, which is her chosen profession. She has several published novels. Her novels are always filled with dangerous beings and romances that reach their limit.
She is used to mixing genres to create worlds that no one could have imagined. Besides loving to write, she passionately enjoys the layout and design of books.