Libro Not the End: Life Isn't Over Until It Is Over PDF

17 de octubre de 2014
Not The End was first released in 2001 and since that first edition has been read and reread, given, lent and recommended by readers of all ages, of all genders, of different religions, preferences and countries. It has passed from hand to hand and from mouth to mouth, changed publisher, cover, color and presentation. Less than two years after its publication, it became a national bestseller in Mexico and has deeply touched the hearts and lives of thousands of people. Now eleven years later, Not The End celebrates its twenty-ninth edition in Mexico and the first one in it ́s translation to English. Despite the years and editions, it remains the same remarkable story that speaks of life, of secret fears that paralyze us, and of the desire to be free. The importance of knowing oneself, to dig into the past, to understand who we are and where we come from and therefore know where we are headed. A magical tale that speaks of endings and the eternal beginnings of life. Of all the possibilities, all the beginnings and all the endings. But beyond that, it makes us rediscover the importance of living life ... Until the end! The content of this book is in color, it is advisable to read on a device that accepts these characteristics.


Publicado: 17 de octubre de 2014
ISBN: 9786079069155
Idioma: Inglés
Nº de páginas: 152

Odin Dupeyron