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1 de julio de 2015
As parents, we are companions of these souls; our responsibility is to know them, walk with them for the extent of their lives.

The art of parenting places the responsibility of raising healthy, safe, creative kids with you, empathetic with their needs and those of others.

If you are able to see the grandeur of their spirits, and become true companion, soul to soul, you will take the great first step towards building a sane relationship with them.

Where do we end up when we scold? How many times have we sat with our kids to truly listen to them, to be curious about the life they are living, without imposing ourselves? How is our body language like and how do we appear in front of them? Alejandra Llamas asks these and many other questions, to reflect upon our stance as parents and to develop new tools to become parents who nurture.

The purpose is: to become parents-guides and teachers of our children, but also to become their students, to be able to learn what we have come to teach. This book, in short, can be a great gift so you and your children can learn new ways to be.


Publicado: 1 de julio de 2015
Editorial: Grijalbo
ISBN: 9786073135948
Idioma: Español
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Alejandra Llamas