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3 de mayo de 2016
What are The Blessing Cards? The Blessing Cards are the promises of God personalized, that you can speak them into your life and affairs. The Blessing Cards are very powerful and effective in creating a covenant reality.

What is a covenant reality? A covenant reality is the promised reality which God made with humanity 22 times in scriptures. The purpose of the Blessing Cards is to aid you in the manifestation of these promised realities by offering God His Word daily that He may watch over it and perform it in your life.

The Blessing Cards are to be used in your devotional or meditational time to reinforce the will of God for your life. As you speak these blessings into the atmosphere you will redefine the environment to which you have grown accustomed and change it into a Heavenly-charged environment.


Publicado: 3 de mayo de 2016
ISBN: 9781942260233
Idioma: Inglés
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T. D. Brewer