4 de agosto de 2016
 The Path of IMPROVISATION is an electronic book, or ebook, oriented towards learning and practice of musically improvising on any instrument in every style of modern music: Jazz, Blues, Rock, etc.

The examples and exercises in this book are accompanied by 44 tracks in mp3format which will help you understand every concept and transfer it to your instrument.
Application of these tools for the development of phrases and solos are grouped in 5 chapters where we shall work on the elements indispensable for a creative musical development.

In each chapter, information will be ordered by degree of difficulty, accompanied by theoretical concepts which will help you understand their application.

IMPROVISATION: To play or to study? Creativity. How to use this book? The “Diary of practices.”
: Recognizing the parts of the themes.
EAR: Recognizing notes, scales and chords.
RHYTHM: Phrasing beyond scales employed.
NOTES AND SCALES: Different scales and the tensions they generate on the chords.
CADENCES: Melodic lines chords.The solo.
You may work, independently, on those points you may consider necessary to develop from any level, creating your own diary of practices, as I mention in detail at the introduction: scales (pentatonic, modal, Mixolydian, artificial, chromatic, etc.), arpeggios and their combinations, tensions and resolutions, guide notes, target tones, modulation, Swing, Blues, Turnarounds, “The Solo” y its guidelines, etc.


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Ricky Schneider